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5 Popular Items for Your Men’s Birchbox 

Guys everywhere, just like girls, love to look and feel like a million bucks! It doesn’t matter whether it’s a fresh new scent of aftershave or deodorant, a nice oil free moisturizer, face wash, or beard lube, having the right ingredients is paramount to looking like a guy who’s going places in 2017! The good news is that making a men’s birchbox is very easy and totally fun! Men who love to take care of themselves will be blown away by receiving a professionally made birchbox full of amazing goodies!

Best Sellers


Maybe you need some ideas to help you spark that inspirational fire to get you going in your birch box endeavor. Below is a collection of highly popular men’s products that are trendy choices for a wonderful birchbox!

·    Socks- pick out a pair with a bright colorful and stylish design pattern for a quick addition.

·    Body powder- Deodorant is great for combating body odor in regions other than the armpits. Made from talc this powder can keep your entire body dry or sprinkle them in your shoes.

·    Face balm- a balm that blends richness and lightness is what you’re looking for to provide a happy long lasting glow to your beautiful face.

·    Shave lather- You’ll want to pick something that mixes the perfect blend of oils (think macadamia nut oil, glycerin, soybean oil) while avoiding parabens, fragrances and petrochemicals.

·    Lip balm- Chapped lips are the worst and can come at the worst time. Throw in a tube of lip balm to help your man keep his cool

What’s in Your Birchbox?

There is an endless selection of amazing beauty products that can make a wonderful addition to your next birchbox project, so relax as you can literally find almost anything you’re looking for. There’s great fun in filling your birchbox with the perfect grooming and lifestyle products on the market today!  Men need a better way to shop and this is a positive step in the right direction.