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The Myths About Vaping

The Ecig industry is growing a rapid pace. The entire business is now worth well over $3 billion per year and it continues to grow; from vaporizers to the most desirable amongst the e-cigarette world. Today we are giving you a list of the facts about e cigarettes.

One name for different things

E-cigarette is the name often given to any nicotine vaporizer, though this is not the case. E-cigs are the small pen like vapes that resemble the traditional cigarette. They are small in size with a small battery and produce a small amount of vapor.

The other product is called an advanced personal vaporizer. They are made by companies independent of the tobacco industry and offer the user a much wider range of features. From a changeable battery type all the way to thousands of different flavors to choose from, this is the most desirable amongst the e-cigarettes that former tobacco smokers use when they make the change for smoking to vaping.

Another added product is known as mods. Mods are modified batteries and atomizers that can produce an insane amount of vapor. You may have seen these in use around your local town. If someone exhales a massive cloud of white vapor, they are most likely using a mod. Mods are more common amongst the vaping fanatics

the most desirable amongst the e-cigarette

E-Liquids are not a mystery

A common misconception about e liquids that are use when vaping, is that the ingredients are a mystery and unregulated. This is false.  All e-liquids are made with very similar ingredients and are heavily regulated, only the flavorings can be abut weird and unheard of, but they all must pass health and safety checks before being made available to the product. Homemade e liquids are never safe and should never be used when vaping.

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